Fire Warriors Nation

Table of Contents

Article I: Government

Article II: Council

Article III: Land & Capital

Article IV: Public Relations


Article I: Government

The Fire Warriors operate under a democracy where leaders and owners (high command) vote on topics and change within the army. However, the ideas presented by the troops will be taken into account and discussed by the Council (highlighted in Article II) and eventually put to a vote to determine whether the change makes it to the army.

Stability Agreement

No leader, advisor, or anyone else is allowed to coup, demote, or remove a leader without calling a meeting to discuss the reasoning and circumstances. The person who is being put up for removal will also be included in the meeting. Owners, of the rank of 2ic, 3ic or 4ic, are not allowed to form committees, rebellions, or uprisings against the leadership or advisory. Anyone in violation of this agreement are to be banished from Fire Warriors until further notice.


Article II: Council

The following members of the army form the “Council” who have the power to vote on change and are the primary decision makers within the Fire Warriors:

sweater, Ivy_, sophy bee, kris


Article III: Land & Capital

Below is the list of servers occupied by the Fire Warriors Nation:

  • Capital: Mittens
  • Co-Capital: Gold Mine


  • Mittens
  • Gold Mine


Article IV: Public Relations


  • Secret Service
  • Island Invaders


  • Golden Troops


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